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FUZE BASIC now available for Windows

Real text based programming for all ages and abilities

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | August 18, 2016 | Product news

In 2013 FUZE Technologies Ltd launched the FUZE for Raspberry Pi. The FUZE is an award winning and highly respected personal computer designed specifically to make teaching and learning to code as easy as possible. 

To further expand availability of their coding platform FUZE are pleased to announce that FUZE BASIC is now available for FREE for Windows.

Whilst Scratch and similar environments make for a great start into the world of coding, it’s a big step to go from Scratch to advanced languages such as Python. Taking this step Jon Silvera – FUZE Technologies MD argues, is like “taking a young child who was happily playing in the shallow end of a pool, taking off their armbands and throwing them into the deep end with no support”.

FUZE BASIC aims to fill this gap, turning an existing Windows PC, Linux system or even a Raspberry Pi into an accessible coding and electronics workstation that inspires and encourages learning. With an updated interface, more help and more commands than ever, FUZE BASIC is the perfect stepping-stone language for learning to code. It requires no programming experience and offers incredible freedom for creativity and learning.

Equally important is that FUZE BASIC does not require a background in programming to be able to teach it. Simply install and follow the free curriculum mapped projects and you’ll soon have your students way ahead of the curriculum.  FUZE coding gets children of all ages excited, enthused and eager to learn more.

For more information, and to download FUZE BASIC please visit:

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