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IT Monitoring for educational institutions

IT environments at educational and research institutions often have to deal with typical challenges...

Posted by Hannah Oakman | August 19, 2016 | E-safety

Heterogeneous Infrastructure 

IT environments are not updated regularly, but in pieces and batch-wise. Modern devices and applications have to be reconciled with outdated legacy equipment. This makes network management extremely difficult and the level of difficulty increases with each additional building or branch campus – each with its own unique infrastructure that needs to be reconciled by a centralised IT department. 

Locally Distributed Sites

Educational institutions are often distributed across multiple locations. This may have structural or historical reasons, but in any event, it is a major challenge for IT. Devices and applications must always be available – at all locations – and provide the required performance, data exchange and communication needed between these locations.

Virtual Learning

Many institutions from the education sector are leaving the traditional way of on-site learning behind and offering a virtual learning environment. Learning content is available online at any time and from anywhere, while students work in virtual study spaces to discuss and collaborate on projects. This requires full availability of online services around the clock. To ensure full availability, IT is usually required to work in shifts or designate someone as a standby, which is an extra burden on the staff. 

Besides the challenges listed above, which are typical for the education sector, all general requirements for a monitoring solution must also be met: from easy operation and a reasonable price-performance ratio to comprehensive mechanisms for analysing and publishing monitoring data and alerting in case of faults and failures. 

Systems that satisfy these requirements run under the umbrella term of Unified Monitoring. However, many product offerings in this area are costly and complex, beyond the budget and capacity of many IT teams in educational institutions. That means that a thorough research and accurate weighing of requirements and benefits is required: Are the typical criteria in education and the general requirements for a monitoring solution such as alarms, data processing, storage, and publication met? 

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor combines efficient and uncomplicated monitoring of distributed locations, and vendor-neutral ‘out-of-the-box’ monitoring of different devices and applications with a powerful API, maximum ease of use and a fair and transparent pricing model. 

Learn more about IT monitoring of educational institutions with PRTG and download the free test version:

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