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Less is more

Alex Nan, Global Product Manager at i3-Technologies, tells us how schools can benefit from upgrading to lampless projectors

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | April 23, 2015 | Business

Can you tell us about i3-Technologies and your role in the education sector?

i3-Technologies is based on three pillars: interactive, integrated and inspiring. Our mission is to provide every learning environment with affordable, easy access to inspiring ways of working by means of integrated solutions that foster interaction. These solutions may consist of hardware and software technology products integrated with classic visual communication products and accessories that aid the environment's users in presenting and collaborating effectively. Every day we gain new impressions about the accelerators behind the shift that is happening in education, and ultimately it drives change and innovation in our designs and the way we envision our interactive, integrated and inspiring solutions.

What are the main benefits to schools of upgrading to lampless projectors?

The most important benefit is definitely the lower ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO). The i3PROJECTOR without lamp has a lifetime of 20,000h, which is 10 times longer than a traditional lamp projector (only 2,000h). Besides that, the lampless i3PROJECTOR requires less maintenance.  The net cost of the lampless projector in the first year is higher, but after three years break-even point is reached and afterwards, the traditional lamp projector becomes more expensive.

Based on an usage of 2,000h/year, another benefit is definitely the ecological aspect as the projector is mercury-free and eliminates lamp replacements.

Can your projector be integrated with interactive whiteboards? If so which would you recommend for best optimisation?

The lampless i3PROJECTOR works perfectly with the i3BOARD. The LED-based interactive whiteboard with V-Sense touch technology recognises 10 simultaneous touch points. It is extremely fast and accurate, has an optimised whiteboard surface (i3DUO Surface) ideal for projection and perfectly dry-erasable, with a lifetime surface warranty. The technology has a lifetime of 50,000 hours, so the i3BOARD in combination with the lampless i3PROJECTOR offers schools a total solution with a very attractive TCO. This i3 solution is available in various sizes including the world's largest available 135-inch interactive whiteboard.

What’s the feedback been like from the education sector?

The education sector has always been budget conscious. It’s all about finding the best solution at the best pricing. Increasing the return on investment and lowering the TCO is very attractive for schools. We introduced our lampless i3PROJECTOR at BETT and we are already able to say that it is a huge success.

Also the ultra-wide i3PROJECTOR L3002UW in combination with our i3BOARD 135" attracted a lot of attention. Large writing surfaces and flexible interactive boards makes teachers love i3. Size does matter! 

What else do i3-Technologies have in the pipeline for 2015?

i3's product range is growing rapidly. New to the family this summer will be the i3BOARD 135” in combination with our ultra-wide lampless i3PROJECTOR. This is a unique solution that gives the teacher plenty of writing space and in combination with the i3LEARNHUB software, it allows multiple students to write and work simultaneously on the same board.

A second important product on our roadmap is a full HD laser projector. With a resolution of 1080p this projector will be a big challenger for large, flat panels. The TCO cost will be half compared to the 84-inch flat panel on the market, besides this the projector will offer 20% surface compared to the flat panel.

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