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Make a success of Clearing with C3

The university Clearing process is more pressurised than ever before. In order to secure fee income, student recruitment targets need to be met

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | April 23, 2014 | Higher education

It is crucial that universities engage with as many prospective students as possible and provide them with the right information at the right time. This can be a challenge; dealing with and resourcing the unpredictable nature of call volumes.

To solve this issue, university telecoms teams have traditionally provisioned additional spare capacity to handle this one-off spike in demand. However, paying for lines and infrastructure that are only in use for one month out of 12 is a costly approach.

Other universities have experimented with outsourcing the call overspill to cloud providers but, with thousands of pounds of income at stake, they can be understandably nervous about giving up control over those calls to third party providers.

C3 offers a cost-effective and flexible on-demand contact centre to manage the annual Clearing peak. Our software can be deployed on your network, giving you additional capacity and call control for the duration of Clearing. So, you are only paying for what you use.

The C3 contact centre software captures, queues and routes calls, ensuring that each caller speaks to the designated member of staff as fast as possible. With ‘burstable’ licensing, it is possible to increase capacity on the C3 contact centre temporarily and simply scale the system – up or down – to match the demands of clearing, as well as other peaks in traffic.

  • Our contact centre software is installed onsite for the duration of Clearing
  • The solution provides universities with the temporary additional capacity required to manage the peak in call volumes
  • Universities retain onsite control over call flow and user experience
  • High level of call control – queuing, routing, reporting
  • ‘Burstable’ licensing means that the system can be easily scaled up and down to match your traffic demands
  • The system can be extended to support other channels (SMS, email, social media) and additional applications, e.g. billing

If you want more information on our Clearing application please email

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