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Co-founders of School of Code - Chris Meah and Bhish Patel

UK's 1st collaborative coding platform launches

School of Code's multiplayer coding platform will help people learn together

Posted by Stephanie Broad | October 28, 2016 | Product news

School of Code has announced that it is launching the first multiplayer coding platform.

The tool was built to enable collaborative learning and uses gamification to encourage people to learn how to code. Founded in 2015, the School of Code launched its platform on 20th October with a Kickstarter campaign. It will be available for early access for initial backers before becoming available to the public in 2017.  

Recognising that the UK is in the midst of a digital crisis, founders Chris Meah and Bhishma Patel developed the multiplayer coding platform to teach code in a fun and collaborative environment. Currently, the lack of digital skills in the UK is estimated to cost the economy £63 billion a year in lost additional GDP. (Digital Skills Crises Report: House of Commons Science and Technology Committee)

Addressing this challenge, the School of Code aims to teach everyone coding skills through its multiplayer platform where people can learn together. The aim is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn coding in an interactive, supportive, and encouraging environment. 

CEO Chris Meah comments: “The main barrier to learning to code is support and motivation – many people get stuck and bored, particularly with online courses where no one is helping you. Over 90% of people who start online courses end up dropping out.” (Open University study).

“We have a duty to close the IT skills gap in the UK and ensure coding is as integral to education as learning to read and write. However, if you don’t have an innate love of programming, only the people with support tend to make it through – we want to build that encouragement into the platform itself.”

To date, the School of Code has trialled its platform with the BBC Midlands this summer where it provided school-age children in Birmingham coding drop-in sessions and tutorials. In addition, it’s also worked with CRISIS, the homelessness charity, and will be working with Hack Your Future to support programming courses for homeless people and refugees.

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