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The latest from The Edtech Podcast: Episode 81

A panel discussion run by the British Educational Suppliers Association during London Edtech Week 2016

Posted by Charley Rogers | September 04, 2017 | Events

What's in this episode?

Hello and welcome everyone. From apps that are aspiring to be the Uber of supply teaching, to cutting-edge platforms and assessment tools allowing school data to be analysed in innovative new ways, many EdTech companies are aiming to enhance teaching and learning experiences across the UK and in doing so, transform the way that schools operate – saving them both time and money. As well as playing a unprecedented role in helping to raise standards of attainment; and improving the quality of what is taught and how it is taught.

This week's episode looks at all of these things and the UK's standing in edtech, alongside an increasing attraction to international expansion opportunities. I hope you enjoy! (Plus, don't forget to check out the reference links below, for more guest suggestions and reading on this topic.) 


For a full reference list, click here.


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