Flipping learning on its head
The latest buzzword to hit UK higher education is coming home to roost. Nicola Yeeles finds out more about flipped learning
Web safety with data in mind
Confidential school information has become increasingly vulnerable as schools accumulate more personal data on pupils and teachers
Is your uni maximising opportunities?
As university research funding become more tied to targets, more and more universities are drawing on academic research
Exeter College goes green
Exeter College goes paperless with eShare’s Boardpacks to reduce the administrative burden and cut costs
Open goal for universities in China
Web searches and social media are so important in China due to an expressive culture based on demonstrating and sharing information
Online degrees: raising standards
Nancy Coleman asks; can an online experience ever deliver the same levels of quality of teaching and learning?
Innovation through KTPs at Huddersfield
Seven Knowledge Transfer Partnerships already in the pipeline at Huddersfield and number set to double over the next twelve months
Academy becomes digital leader
Birches Head Academy has been designated as a lead school by the Government-supported organisation, Computing at School (CAS)
Tech hub for struggling teachers
Teachers struggling with changes to the way Computing is taught in schools can get advice from a new ‘education hub’
Bristol expands growing tech scene
Bristol based start-up Missionly are launching their innovative student and graduate recruitment platform this month
Educational expert at UDOL conference
One of the world’s leaders in educational thought will speak to academic staff from around the globe at a University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL)
Risking digital divide
Three-quarters of teachers use technology in most lessons but only 15% are ‘totally computer savvy’ risking digital divide, survey finds
App puts students in the know
Innovative web app ‘Student Knowledge’ launched to help students and young people navigate life’s challenges
Choosing effective AV...
...and avoiding the white elephants! Reflex Limited explores the importance of audio visual technology in education today
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