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How can Higher Ed choose the right online learning platform?

Leading industry analyst, Ovum, releases report comparing all of today's top VLE vendors to th...

Is the education sector adequately meeting disability needs?

How can schools ensure they are not disadvantaging disabled children? The first area to addres...

Classroom experience remains key

When it comes to edtech, too many schools have fallen victim to rushing in, spending money and...

Generation Direct

What has the impact been on the generation of young people that grew up surrounded by social m...

IT(s) time for apprentice talent

Calibre Secured Networks sees bringing in the right people with the right skill sets as paramo...

How technology liberates learners

With regards to education, it seems old habits die hard, says Ralph La Fontaine

Can your school keep up with edtech?

Bill Champness, Managing Director at Hardware Associates asks, can schools keep pace with the ...

Fujitsu Innovation Hub opens at TNMOC

The National Museum of Computing hosts Fujitsu Innovation Hub, with the latest in classroom te...


Improving classroom outputs for children by helping teachers self-coach and improve lesson del...

Teachers offered online help to demystify computing theory

Teachers can brush up their computing knowledge with a series of new elearning courses

Future classroom will be virtual and taught by robots

A new Jisc survey reveals surprising predictions for the classroom of the future

Digital technology in publishing: pitfalls and promise

By David Salariya, Founder and Managing Director of The Salariya Book Company

Do women make better coders?

Naomi Webb asks, are the fairer sex key employees at the likes of Google, Amazon or 100TB or i...

Bionic arms and more from UWE

Open Bionics to bring 'Deus Ex' inspired augmentations to life

How to make schools mobile ready

Lessons from the classroom by Rupert Mills, Managing Director of Krome  

Digitally educated printers

Digital tech is not replacing traditional printing, it's fuelling its demand, writes Gemma Chu...

Literacy initiative Pobble set for major business award

Yorkshire literacy organisation Pobble is the only education business to make it to semi-final...

Huge returns from investment in e-learning

Andy Richardson, CEO, Dynistics on how online learning highlights the need for dashboard techn...

The pros of AV

What are the advantages of using audio-visual technology in education? Quentin Birchall explai...

Learnium teams up with Microsoft

Educational technology company Learnium and Microsoft have teamed up to change the way student...

IT managers help bridge the education-employment gap

Office Depot Europe helps Bedfordshire students visualise their careers in eCommerce

Improve your digital strategy, say 73% of students

Research into student administration shows universities need to deliver a better digital exper...

Royal College appointment for Unit4

The Royal College of Music appoints Unit4 as new student management solution provider

Grade A learning via digital

Paul Hennin at Aerohive Networks discusses the importance of smart digital learning in educati...

Edtech: generating income for UK schools

By Dr Mark Abell and Roger Bickerstaff of Bird & Bird

Getting flash at Barnsley College

Mark Kendrick explains how updating the College's IT storage infrastructure has both saved mon...

Edtech helps give youngsters a voice

The first speech therapy project of its kind is helping children in Edinburgh and the Lothians...

The evolution of online learning

Steve Hill, Director of External Engagement at The Open University, highlights how the OU has ...

Big Data - your voice of experience

Big data can tell us the right questions to ask to make a difference to the real-life events i...

Apprentice Winner designs new digital marketing course

Mark Wright will share his secrets to marketing success in the e-learning course

Top tips on using technology for student engagement

While a flurry of classroom tech can be nice to have, it's important that school's investment ...

Digital first: 7 questions for every university

Digital-first thinking can deliver one crucial benefit: it can make students feel great about ...

Cutting the cost of the CUTTING EDGE

Alice Savage talks to industry leaders helping universities keep costs low on and off campus

University of Hertfordshire gets fully connected

Transform the classroom into a dynamic environment that's interactive and easy to use thanks t...

Wireless woes

Why it's time to stop poor wireless coverage hindering progress in the classroom

The connected classroom

We must understand the needs of the students and the network they rely upon

Top tips on using technology for student engagement

Janice Prandstatter, Promethean Teaching and Learning Consultant, explains her top five tips f...

NI schools to get Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education rolled out for all schools in Northern Ireland by Capita and C2k

Lessons learned adapting US resources to the UK curriculum

By Craig Jamieson

Let's get digital

Neil Emery, Director at TrilbyTV, discusses the rise of digital signage in education