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The future of educational assessment?

David Hawley explains how the IB Middle Years Programme makes use of e-assessment

Schools should make every child digitally literate

Students are receiving inconsistent education in technology says Sam Pemberton

Don't forget the CPD

Teachers and parents also need ICT education says Ash Merchant

Is classroom technology actually being used by teachers?

New Canvas study of UK teachers shows tech 'dormancy' impacts results

The importance of ICT

ICT should be a core GCSE subject says Shaun Eason

Is the digital divide a family affair?

As children adapt to new technology, David Tindall considers whether adults are being left beh...

Secure your school's data

Reeza Awoodun, a consulant at Sonocent, suggests ways schools and universities can ensure data...

A cloud of success

After a significant uptake in cloud services, Paul Young discusses the benefits

Addressing digital citizenship

Surjit Uppal from Activate Learning discusses virtual learning environments

UK needs a million more engineers by 2020

Engineering Our World campaign aims to address engineering skills gap

Native intelligence

Linda LaPine reflects on the benefits of using mobile technology to engage with students broug...

How to counter cyberbullying

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, Sam Pemberton discusses the changing face of cyberbullying

Starter for 10: A coding journey

For 10-year-old Moses, computing isn't just an interest, it's a passion

How can social media help recruit the best teacher talent?

Eteach's Lyndsay Westwood gives her thoughts on how to make the most of social media to recrui...

The edtech obstacle course

Martin Large discusses how to overcome barriers to adoption of technology in the classroom

The social media 'green cross code'

There is still room for improvement when it comes to our online health, says Aston University'...

Creators, not consumers

The ability to develop their own software is revolutionising the way students use technology i...

Flipped learning: a model approach

By Ian Curtis (pictured,) Head of Western Europe, Africa & ANZ at Promethean

App aids the visually impaired

Mobile app and web service improves the lives of over 160,000 visually impaired people

Tomorrow's world

Developing today's digital skills to address the challenges of tomorrow

From classroom to workplace, why collaboration is key

By Gill Leahy, Head of Curriculum Development and Research, at Promethean

Is computing really as 'alien' as you think?

Rosie Elston explains how simple programming can actually be, even for the most non-IT literat...

Why edtech needs to get its head out of the clouds

Less blue-sky, more on-the-ground thinking please, says Dave Tucker, Director at Sonocent

AR, robots and streamed lessons, it's the class of 2050

Streamed lessons, augmented reality and robots expected to be daily teaching tools in the clas...

Software Engineer award for Abertay graduate

An Abertay University graduate has been named Young Software Engineer of the Year 2015

Coding, today's modern language

We need to invest in what Generation Z are learning now, says Mark Armstrong, VP & MD EMEA, Pr...

Tablets: a hindrance or a help?

Tom Bennett recently claimed that tablets should be taken out of the classroom. Is he right?

More than coding

If the new curriculum ends up being little more than programming it will have failed, says Sim...

Will data kill the big brands in education?

As the shape of education changes, so must the providers, says Charles McIntyre, Co-Founder of...

Computer thinking for the future

Miles Berry explains computer science may not be a feature in every pupil's future, but the sk...

Train teachers for coding curriculum

After undertaking coding training, many teachers realised that the curriculum change was not a...

New chief executive for Jisc

Dr Paul Feldman, currently an executive partner at Gartner UK, has been appointed as Jisc's ne...

Curriculum confidence is key

Teachers are keen to embrace the new computing curriculum, but only once they understand what ...

BESA announces new director general

Dominic Savage, director general of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has a...

The robots are coming

Oundle alumni Sir Howard Stringer visits school to deliver lecture on technology

A 3D future

Chris Elsworthy explains how we can create new opportunities for dyslexic pupils through 3D pr...

MBE for Bristol computer science grad

A Bristol University graduate, whose fashion app changed the way people shop online for clothe...

Mobile solutions for school staff

Tablet devices are used by over half of independent school staff, according to a recent Capita...

Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Despite a chaotic start, Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a boulevard of broken dream...

Cloud is... Or is it?

Cloud technology provides many more opportunities for innovation than the stereotypes suggest,...