Find out how the University of Leicester plan to save 25% in data storage costs

University of Leicester adopts Cloudian S3 compatible object storage for backup

Entrusted with protecting the data of nearly 30,000 users, the University of Leicester requires a robust backup infrastructure. However, with the backup system it had in place, the loss of a single media server would have resulted in a total lack of access to backup data or restores – potentially for weeks – while the IT team acquired and installed new hardware. Recognizing that the university needed a better solution, the team decided to deploy Cloudian’s HyperStore S3-compatible object storage system as the foundation of a revamped backup platform.

Why Cloudian object storage software?

A key objective was finding a solution that would allow the index data to be moved from the media servers to a robust, fault tolerant, shared storage environment. That same environment would also serve as the backup target. The team at the University of Leicester explored various object storage software but ultimately settled on Cloudian.

“With Cloudian, I liked that I could try it in a VM and install it myself on my laptop in 15 minutes. It gave us confidence that we could easily manage the Cloudian system.”
Mark Penny, systems specialist, University of Leicester

Benefits of object storage

  • Availability, with protection from media server loss or site failure
  • Simplified backup process
  • 50% space savings
  • Average 25% saving in data storage costs
  • Proven compatible with Commvault
  • S3-compatible storage, with potential for multiple use cases
  • Software-defined-storage solution, compatible with HPE Apollo servers.


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