Future of the Classroom: Eight top education trends revealed by Google

Tech, digital and innovation take the lead in a new report from Google for Education citing eight leading global education trends

A new report from Google for Education has revealed eight education trends across the world.

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The report, created in collaboration with behavioural insights consultancy Canvas8, also details three of the trends most prominent in the UK’s primary and secondary schools.

The eight key education trends are:

  • Digital responsibility
  • Life skills and workforce preparation
  • Innovating pedagogy
  • Computational thinking
  • Student-led learning
  • Collaborative classrooms
  • Connecting guardians and schools
  • Emerging technologies

In the UK report, Rachel Wolf, founder of the National Schools Network, says: “You cannot introduce tech successfully by disrupting the relationship between the teacher and the student. The introduction of tech will have to take place in the context of the fundamental human interaction in the classroom.”

The introduction of tech will have to take place in the context of the fundamental human interaction in the classroom.
– Rachel Wolf, National Schools Network

Three of the key trends explored in further detail in the UK version of the report are:

  • Digital responsibility
    99% of teachers think online safety should be part of the curriculum
  • Life skills and workforce preparation
    91% of CEOs globally say that they need to strengthen their organization’s soft skills to sit alongside digital skills
  • Innovating pedagogy
    88% of teachers say that educational technology enables pedagogical innovation and improves educational quality

Chris Kreinczes, head of insight at Canvas8, said: “Education is evolving at a faster pace than any other period in recent history. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to understand how and where it’s changing so that educators and schools can properly support students.”

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The report is based on an extensive research project which included an academic literature review, expert interviews with global and country-specific education thought leaders, and media narrative analysis including policy research and teacher surveys.

The global report is available here, and the UK report here.



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