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How to create an inspirational learning environment

It's true that teachers play a pivotal role in inspiring students, but even the very best teachers can struggle to motivate...

Posted by Ed Brown | December 05, 2016 | Business

It’s true that teachers play a pivotal role in inspiring students, but even the very best teachers can struggle to motivate and enthuse their pupils if they don’t have suitable learning environments to work in. The fact is, the standard of classrooms and labs has a huge impact on how effectively students learn. With this in mind, here are a few tech-related tips that should help you to create an inspirational space.

Use interactive smartboard displays

Smartboards can create the perfect focal point in classrooms. These interactive displays allow teachers to showcase many different types of media, including illustrations, text, maps, graphs, photos and videos. They also give teachers instant access to a wealth of online resources that they can weave into their lessons. This versatility can make the learning process more dynamic and engaging.

One of the best ways to integrate this technology into classrooms is to include them in well-designed teacher walls. Laboratory design specialists Innova note that this solution can optimise teaching space, de-clutter the classroom and enhance learning. Customised to suit every space and designed with all teaching requirements in mind, Innova's flexible modular Teacher’s Wall suits every style of teaching, whether you're looking to access the latest education apps on an interactive screen or use whiteboards to explain an equation. Building shelving, filing, trays and lockable cupboards into teacher walls helps to leave classrooms clear, clutter free and well organised, making them the perfect choice for any learning space.

Incorporate student response systems to combat shyness

Some students love to answer questions and get involved in group discussions, but for shy pupils, the thought of speaking up is scary. This means that traditional classroom setups can daunting places. However, technology is helping to break down barriers to participation. For example, by using computerised student response systems in your classrooms, you can help to foster engagement among quieter students. These systems allow pupils to respond to questions using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. The information they enter into these devices is fed directly to teachers. The systems also give students the chance to ask questions and brainstorm ideas - all without having to speak up in person. Ultimately, this can make lessons much more enjoyable and effective. It also makes it easier for teachers to keep track of pupils’ levels of progress and engagement.

Incorporate QR codes

QR codes are now commonly used for anything from product marketing and labelling to transport ticketing and commercial tracking - and they are starting to appear in classrooms too. As long as your students are equipped with devices that can scan them, you can use these codes in a variety of different ways. For example, you can incorporate them into wall displays to provide pupils with additional information on particular topics. Another way to harness this tech that works especially well with younger students is to create scavenger hunts that require them to move around the room to scan codes and uncover clues or tasks. This brings an element of fun and self-direction to classes.

Creating a truly inspiring learning space isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of innovative solutions available now that can help you achieve your goal. It’s certainly well worth making the effort. By ensuring your classrooms motivate your students, you stand to significantly improve learning outcomes.

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