Live panel discussion: Drive value from your data in further education

Join the Capita UNIT-e panel as they discuss how FE providers can harness the data at their fingertips

The further education sector must contend with a range of financial management reporting and learner data collection methods. From ILR returns to the adult education budget, all FE institutions depend significantly on data. So why do so few seem to value such an important asset?

How can FE providers harness the powerful data at their fingertips to help regulate spending and get more for their money, or create new or improved funding streams and grow revenue?

Education Technology is delighted to host this panel discussion with Q&A in conjunction with Capita UNIT-e. Join us at 3.30pm on 27 March 2019 to explore topics including:

  • Data capability and confidence
  • Data strategy and insight
  • Data management and ownership

We’ll conclude by handing over to our audience for questions, so you can pick our panel’s minds on anything FE data-related. Register to join today.