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Improving classroom outputs for children by helping teachers self-coach and improve lesson delivery

Posted by Ed Brown | July 05, 2016 | Business

1.)    Could you tell us more about Oncam and how you work?

      Oncam is a global technology company which believes that video, analytics and data have a part to play in enabling enterprises and institutions in many vertical markets to be more dynamic, versatile and proactive in their day to day business. To achieve this we have an in-house R&D team working on our own technology, but equally important is that we proactively seek and build relationships/value propositions with technology partners who believe what we believe when it comes to disruptive technology making a difference in markets with specific needs, such as retail and education.

2.)    Could you explain the process of how you work with primary schools? 

We would work with a primary school in the same manner we would any of our end users, it’s always a consultative process. The key to ours and our partners’ technology delivering is empathy for the operation, and the ability to place ourselves in the primary school’s shoes. Once we have listened to the education experts and understood current methods, we can work collaboratively to see if our joint solution can enhance those methods, creating better education outcomes, or create new use cases.

3.)    In your experience, how have the requirements of education establishments changed in recent years?

Changes to education inspection were announced last September for Early Years register and curriculum changes in 2014 to catch up with the ‘world’s best’, Hong Kong and Finland for example. Lesson capture for coaching and observation has generally been done in the traditional fashion of peer to peer there in physical form for as long as all can remember. We would hope technology such as ours could allow establishments to take a more dynamic view on such practices.

4.)    How do you see Oncam growing and developing in the future?

Our global footprint and solution portfolio will grow but our partnerships will also grow stronger and in importance. It is quite simply not possible to be experts in markets as diverse as education and smart cities for example. This makes building eco-systems of vertically focused partners of the utmost importance and ensures we bring solutions to market that genuinely solve problems and leverages advancements in infrastructure such as faster smarter networks.

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Subscribe to our free fortnightly newsletter and stay ahead with the latest news in edtech

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