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Six ways technology has improved education

Education is for everyone and this is due to the limitless amount of possibilities technology has given us

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | December 12, 2016 | Business


Technology has weaseled its way into multiple aspects of everyday life. We have become so accustomed to its use, we are not even aware how easy everything has become. Though many argue technology has done as much destruction as good, there is one facet that has significantly improved because of this influence. Education has been transformed. Long gone are the days of thumbing through an Encyclopedia. With information at the tips of our fingers, learning is limitless. Here are five ways technology has improved education:

1. Online Resources

No matter your education needs, you can look to the internet for guidance. There are a wide range of resources to choose from. Whether you are looking for free courses, studying tips or custom essay help, you are bound to find help after a simple search. With quick access to the best support, your grades no longer have to suffer. 

2. Multimedia Learning

This has been said time and time again, no one learns the same. Where some people learn better visually, others are more auditory. Knowing this, teachers have adjusted their techniques. Instead of strictly lecturing and placing notes up on the projector screen, teachers are willing to use multimedia to better teach their students. Multimedia learning encompasses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic by focusing on text, illustration, narration and animation. No matter your style, there is always a way to learn effectively.

3. E-books

There is nothing worse than lugging around a stack of books for one class curriculum. Since most people own a tablet and carry it around everywhere, you too can carry around your course material. If you are sitting around at a coffee shop or waiting for a bus to arrive, you can open an e-book and do some light studying wherever, whenever. Even better, ebooks are often purchased at a discounted rate compared to traditional paperbacks, which makes them more affordable for students.

4. Worldwide Tutoring

There is no shame in seeking a tutor. Yes, there is an unlimited amount of available information online, but there is also an unlimited amount of available minds. Thanks to technology and globalisation, you can receive help from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for those who want to learn another language because they plan to study in a foreign country.

5. Online Editing

Sometimes, you need a second opinion on a paper and don’t have a friend willing to give it a once over. Editing is one of the most important things to do to an essay before handing it in for review. You need to make sure the essay is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. When you edit yourself, it is likely to miss something. Submitting your essay to an online editor can be an effective way to improve the quality of your paper to get the grade you desire.

6. Study Groups

Even if you prefer to study alone, there will be a time in your college education when you are assigned a group project. Because scheduling a meet-up with a large number of people can be near impossible, there are online platforms to make this easier. Notes and study materials can be shared, collaboration can occur through video chat, and if you do want to meet in a physical location, scheduling can also be done. Even if you are not assigned a group project but wish to study with others, this can be a great option to connect with others in your course.

As far as we know, technology is here to stay. Rather than opposing, it may be best to embrace it, especially when it comes to education. Technology has created a whole new world of learning. You do not even have to be accepted to a prestigious university to learn. Education is for everyone and this is due to the limitless amount of possibilities technology has given us.

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