10,000 UK students to benefit from Google and YouTube’s digital citizenship programme

The programme aims to support a generation of digitally-savvy students

UK Youth have announced the launch of the brand new Be Internet Citizens programme.

The Google-funded programme was created by YouTube and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, delivering quality digital citizenship education to 10,000 UK students.

While schools are filled with a generation of online and digital natives, industry heavyweights believe many lack the skills and awareness needed to remain safe, secure and healthy in the world online.

The educational programme in digital citizenship has been designed to teach students about online safety and responsibility, also empowering them to learn, share, be creative, express themselves and enjoy a sense of belonging in a world that’s becoming increasingly digital.

The programmes four key modules include:

Media literacy: covering fake news, echo chambers, and filter bubbles to give students confidence in forming their own opinions.

Emotional manipulation: developing an increased level of critical awareness.

Polarisation: building an understanding of how powerful the ‘us vs. them’ division can be.

Free speech & hate speech: teaching participants how to recognise and react to hateful online content.

“Be Internet Citizens will provide young people with a strong and responsible digital foundation, empowering them with the confidence to become producers of online content where they can express their identities, share their stories, make a social impact, and bring communities together,” said Ndidi Okezie, CEO of UK youth.

“It’s fantastic to see big and influential platforms like Google and YouTube developing resources and providing grant funding to support this crucial informal learning.”

Rosie Luff, online safety public policy manager at Google, said: “The internet is a creative space where young people can have a voice, be imaginative, and express themselves. With Be Internet Citizens and through this grant, we want to support organisations like UK Youth to help young people with their media literacy and encourage them to use their voices and creativity to have a positive impact online.”

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