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Booth company name: BenQ
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    World-renowned for its educational technology solutions, BenQ leads the market with its interactive flat panel and projector portfolios. BenQ’s products feature an extensive range of free software programs to support teaching techniques, enhance learning environments and simplify device IT management, as well as exclusive HealthCare technology focused on the wellbeing of its users.

    Created for all stages of education and accessible to all ages and learning abilities, the solutions are easy-to-use and intuitive to navigate from first use. BenQ provides free product demos across its entire range of products. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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      Education Technology will share your details with BenQ

      The rise of the new interactive flat panel era


      How can IT departments and administrators overcome new education technology pressures?


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      Free Education Webinar with OverDrive

      Friday, June 24, 2PM London BST

      In this webinar, hear from Havant Academy Librarian Joanna Parsons to learn how she uses ebooks and audiobooks to help boost reading among her secondary students.