BoomWriter Media and Walch Education announce merger

Boomwriter is a UK provider of a literacy-improving platform, Walch is a US-based firm delivering maths-centric online teaching and learning

Edtech developers and publishers from either side of the Atlantic, BoomWriter Media and Walch Education, have merged.

The former is a Wolverhampton-based digital education company engaging children and educators through collaborative content creation and storytelling, the latter a provider of maths-centric online teaching and learning and tailored curricula in the US.

Henceforth, the umbrella company will be known as BW Walch.

“With so many start-ups in the edtech industry there will be inevitable consolidation and lots of elimination of fledgling companies,” said Chris Twyman, co-founder of BoomWriter, who had previously seen the firm grow via the acquisitions of Squirrel Learning and Axe Edge.

“Bringing Walch and BoomWriter together gets us ahead of the curve and together we provide a greater portfolio of engaging educational solutions.”

Combined, the two companies boast more than one million registered users.

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Walch’s service is based on its patent-pending Curriculum Engine, labelled the ‘iTunes for education’, which works with teachers and school districts to more effectively use their own resources and control lessons and assessments.

BoomWriter, meanwhile, brings together educators, technology experts, corporate sponsors, parents, and year-three-to-nine students, to help develop a raft of literacy skills, from writing and reading to critical thinking. Creative writing and gamification are blended to offer pupils a different approach to writing stories, as well as getting published.

More than 37,000 primary and secondary schools, from over a hundred countries, are using the platform to date.

“This is a perfect merger of capabilities,” says Al Noyes, CEO of Walch.

“Walch’s innovative Curriculum Engine platform and highly regarded math curriculum gives educators control over their resources, and now we are adding powerful and engaging applications for reading and writing to our portfolio.”

Pic: BoomWriter co-founder, Chris Twyman, is greeted at Walch HQ by CEO, Al Noyes

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