Coding skills come with high wages, new study suggests

A study of the UK’s job market revealed the skills that command the highest average salaries

Workers with coding skills continue to command the highest average wages, the latest analysis of the UK’s job market suggests.

A study of recruitment sites in the UK last year revealed that jobs that required computing skills had the highest average salaries, compared to positions that required language, creative or business skills.

Coding skills wages

The study by TotallyMoney revealed that job advertisements that required coding and cloud computing skills had significantly higher wages on average and accounted for the four best-paid skills on the job’s market. The coding language Ruby commanded the highest average salary of any skill last year at £72,500, followed by Java and Python at £62,500.

Henry Keegan, head of search at TotallyMoney, said: “Finding the right skill to learn can be tricky, especially when there’s so many to choose from. It’s important to take in a number of factors such as the future potential earnings, the cost of learning the skill and whether there is actually a demand for it.”

Coding skills wages

The study by credit experts at TotallyMoney also highlighted that those skills with high remuneration were often the most expensive to learn. Ruby, according to their research of courses available, was the eighth most costly to learn. But those skills defined as business related, such as knowledge of Agile and Lean project management, were the most expensive on average to learn, the study suggested.

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