Education sector claimed only 3.6% of all expenses during the pandemic

Sector-by-sector analysis found education professionals the least likely to make expenses claims for their own fitness and wellbeing, with the great majority instead related to teaching materials

Teachers are among the least likely professionals to claim expenses for their personal benefit, according to new research.

Soldo, a business-to-business expense platform, analysed almost half a million transactions across 26 industries to create a sector-by-sector breakdown of expenses claimed from January–November 2020.

Education workers were among those making the fewest claims of all the sectors studied, comprising just 3.6% of all expenses.

Almost two-thirds of those claims (62%) were made for teaching materials. As a corollary, education professionals made the fewest claims for expenses regarding their own fitness and wellbeing, such as monthly gym membership.

“By analysing employee expense claims, the findings illustrate which industries invested the most in their employees, and which brands or categories employees expensed the most,” said Soldo.

“The findings can be used to better predict potential new trends in remote working, and to help HR leaders and budget managers create more relevant benefits packages that reflect employees’ current needs.”

It should be noted, of course, that we should not draw too many firm conclusions from a year as singular as 2020. There is, for example, a clear and obvious reason why healthcare workers accounted for the most expense claims (13%) last year, despite making only 2% of claims in 2019.

Soldo’s other general findings included:

  • Enabling employees to adhere to lockdown rules and recommendations was the most popular expense category throughout 2020 – 34% of all transactions came from home deliveries
  • Employers invested heavily in keeping their teams fed and watered while working remotely (35.5% of total expenses), with claims routinely made for purchases from the likes of Starbucks, Pret a Manger, JustEat, and Deliveroo
  • Investing in the must-have technology of the pandemic was another key spending area, with 4% of all expenses claimed having been made for remote working services such as Zoom and Slack

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