How to get the most out of your employees

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The whole point of hiring staff is to balance company workload and ensure that tasks are completed by people who have the knowledge and experience to do it well. No one can be good at everything, and acknowledging this and then hiring people who are good at certain elements of your business is crucial if you want to push things further and be successful.

So once you’ve secured your hires, how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your employees? Here are some ideas:

Proper scheduling

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your employees and running the business as smoothly as possible is to schedule them properly. By using scheduling software, you can easily keep up with who needs to work when and who needs time off, and this way you’ll avoid any confusion and know that there’s always someone scheduled for every day or every shift.

You will need to know the hours your team can work, and who is best placed in which department, so you’ll need a good policy of asking your team what they need, and working with them as best you can.

Offer rewards

People from every walk of life, of any age, doing any kind of work, will all respond well to rewards. They will know they have been seen to be doing a good job, and if that work is acknowledged with a reward, they’ll be more likely to continue working hard, and they won’t want to disappoint once their efforts have been noticed. Rewarding people has another bonus too; those around them who see that hard work receives something in return will also start to work harder, and in the end the entire workforce is going to be productive, efficient and loyal.

Rewards don’t have to be fancy and they don’t have to be expensive – often it’s the symbolism that counts more than anything. Rewards could be:

  • An extra holiday
  • A bonus
  • Vouchers for a meal or a shop
  • An ‘employee of the month’ position, or a mention in the company’s newsletter

The key is to ensure good work is acknowledged, and the ‘prize’, although important, is a secondary concern, so don’t worry if you feel your business can’t afford to really splash out – it doesn’t have to.

Clarify rules

There are two types of people in the world: leaders and followers. Leaders make the rules and followers – as the name suggests – follow them. Because you’re going to have more followers than leaders working for you, and you’re the leader, you’re the one who’s going to have to come up with the workplace rules and enforce them.

Rules can be problematic, especially if they don’t make any sense and people begrudge following them. To get the most out of your employees, any rules that you put in place need to be completely clear so there are no misunderstandings, and they need to make sense (or you need to explain why they’re in place so people are happier to follow them).

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