Professional drone racing league releases online game

DCL – The Game offers the chance for gamers to be drafted into real life Drone Champions League racing teams

The league for professional drone racers has released its first online game.

Bidding to blur the line between the real and virtual worlds, the Drone Champions League’s DCL – The Game, allows racers to choose from more than 30 tracks, including many used in the DCL itself.

Multi-player modes mean that gamers will be able to compete with up to 30 other pilots at a time.

The game allows racers to compete on more than 30 tracks

“Someone completely new to drone flying can have fun with either keyboard or gamepad, while others can perfect their racing skills and work towards becoming a pro,” said Herbert Weirather, CEO of DCL.

“Those who excel will have the chance to be drafted into real life racing teams with the official DCL draft selection.”

DCL – The Game is available now for PlayStation4, XBoxOne and Steam (PC and Mac).

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