Tech company contributes to solving youth unemployment through £100,000 patronage

Software company TechnologyOne signs up to four year patronage of The Prince’s Trust to teach tech and other important life skills to disadvantaged young people

Maidenhead-based company TechnologyOne has signed up to a four-year, £100,000 patronage of The Prince’s Trust charity to teach disadvantaged young people important life skills and help them strive for a career within the tech sector.

Through this initiative, the software specialists will contribute an annual sum of £25,000 to The Prince’s Trust over the next four years, with employees looking to raise an additional £5,000 for the cause via other charitable means. The collective £30,000 a year could help The Prince’s Trust provide:

  • Young people with an online youth worker session to build confidence, resilience and motivation
  • Help young people get in front of potential employers at a day of virtual speed interviews
  • Give young people the chance to speak to The Prince’s Trust helpline to get the critical advice they need in uncertain times

On top of this, TechnologyOne has committed to help close the youth unemployment gap by volunteering to provide:

  • Tech skills workshops to instil a better understanding of tech-based industries and how to build successful careers within such fields
  • Presentation skills sessions to help young people develop sound communication and presentation skills
  • Employability and money management sessions to boost skills, job search capabilities and finances
  • CV reviews to sharpen prospective resumes and covering letters for young people seeking employment

“We must support young people to upskill, retrain and access job opportunities, or else we risk losing their ambition and potential to long-term unemployment” – Sharon Arbuckle, The Prince’s Trust

Sharon Arbuckle, senior head of corporate partnerships at The Prince’s Trust, commented on the initiative: “Youth unemployment rates are rising, and young people across the UK have been heavily affected by the pandemic. We must support young people to upskill, retrain and access job opportunities, or else we risk losing their ambition and potential to long-term unemployment – to the detriment of their future and to the recovery of our economy.

“TechnologyOne’s employees are already showing amazing dedication when it comes to helping turn around the lives of disadvantaged young people. Through their new patronage of The Prince’s Trust, and membership of our Technology Leadership Group, we hope we will be able to empower thousands more young people to transform their lives and give them the confidence and skills to succeed in life.”

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