4 top tips for budding edtech entrepreneurs

Murray Morrison, founder of the adaptive learning programme, Tassomai, gives his top tips for budding edtech entrepreneurs

1. Waste no time in seeking out your future customers; show them your product early and get feedback. It’s a hard balance to strike — you have to believe in yourself and your idea enough to sail past the doubters who don’t share your vision, but at the same time, you can save yourself a lot of wrong turns if you seek and absorb constructive feedback early on.

2. Watch people using your product and keep going back to the drawing board. Make no assumptions about what your different users want. Make no assumptions about what people understand of your product — even when they’ve been using it for a year. Make no assumptions about how people will use your product, or where the value of it will lie. And keep your chin up.

3. Build your network! Looking back, I would have “got out there” more rather than working by myself — I’ve learned a lot from talking to other teachers, academics and entrepreneurs; the edtech community is amazingly generous and we’re all trying to achieve the same things in different ways.

4. Finally, don’t start an edtech company unless you are passionate, first and foremost, about education in the true sense of the word. The technology is a distant second. I see a lot of people talking about very exciting-sounding shiny tech, and it’s obvious that they know very little about education. If you have never experienced the challenge — and the joy — of helping a child truly learn something and change their outlook on life, if that passion isn’t at the heart of what you do, you won’t connect to your users and no technology in the world will compensate for that.

About Tassomai

Tassomai is a formative assessment tool that uses adaptive sequencing and instant feedback to provide personalised, differentiated learning support. All that jargon essentially means that Tassomai provides students with continuous quizzing activities that help them learn as they go, work out exactly where they need the most help and when, and build their confidence in themselves.

Teachers and parents get incredibly detailed data feedback that tells them exactly what the situation is at any given time — something that normally takes hours of teachers’ time every week and now is instantly available.

You can learn more about Tassomai at www.tassomai.com