A guide to using SEO for your Institution

SEO is a process which can be extremely rewarding, if you invest in the service correctly

Search engine optimisation is a service used within the search marketing industry, to help increase search visibility and the amount of traffic which directs to your site. For any new entrepreneurs or any business owners who believe their business could benefit from SEO, but have never explored the service before, will be faced with a fairly daunting process. SEO is a stable process which can be extremely rewarding, if you invest in the service correctly. If SEO is the road you think your business should go down, then it’s best to work alongside a search marketing agency, like Click Consult. Allowing experts to manage your SEO, means you can gain the best possible results and know the process is being left in the best hands.

For anyone starting up their own business or for any existing business owners who would like to know about SEO in more detail; hopefully this post will give you more of an insight. Below are some of the different areas which make up the SEO and how they can benefit your business.

Build a relevant backlink profile

By gaining high quality, relevant backlinks from trusted websites; Google will start to view your site in a more positive way. If a website isn’t seen as trustworthy by Google, your rankings will drop. Because of this you can start to understand why obtaining relevant backlinks from high quality sites, will only benefit your site and its rankings on SERP’s. Through building strong relationship with other relevant websites and providing them with your own high quality content, you can gain backlinks to your site and help increase your search visibility.

Repair broken links

We’ve all found ourselves faced with an error page after clicking a link on a website; frustrating, right? Well this is what a broken link is. If you’re a business who sells products and a potential customer is faced with an error page because of a broken link on your site, it’s not going to look good on your company name and may even deter them to a competitor. When it comes to broken link, it isn’t just users who it’s frowned upon; but Google as well. It’s important to monitor your broken links as often as possible and replace them if needed.

Complete keyword research

In order to rank for relevant keywords on SERP’s, you need to focus on the keywords you’d like your site to rank for. You want as much traffic as possible flowing to your site, but it’s important to prioritise quality over quantity. In order to attract relevant users to your site, you want to rank for the correct keywords in your industry. Once you’ve carried out the keyword research, you can then incorporate them in a natural way within your content. This is just one way of utilising your keyword research, but it’s important you carry out the process correctly.

SEO can be extremely beneficial to your site, if used in the right way. It’s best to work alongside experts who can guide you through the process and give you the relevant advice your company needs.


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