A new platform for Prowise Presenter

Open old lessons just like you used to

Soon you will be able to enjoy a great new version of Prowise Presenter. This fully prepares our free education software for the future. Changes have been made both at the back end and front end of the software, for instance, it is no longer running on Flash. For the rest, everything stays the same. You still have full access to your previously-created lessons, you can still directly add tools to your files and easily share presentations with your colleagues. Everything just like you are used to.

Discontinuation of Flash
Adobe has discontinued the development of the browser plug-in Flash. Prowise Presenter is currently running in Adobe Flash. The platform therefore had to be made future proof and we have been very busy converting Presenter to a new platform over the past two years. This new environment also enables us to improve your user experience and to safeguard privacy and security even better.

Your current lessons with a fresh design
You still have easy access to your current and saved lessons in this completely new version of Presenter. Your saved lessons are automatically converted to the new version. For instance, tools in your file are automatically updated to the latest version. This way the lessons are still usable as well as updated. You can of course also expand and update your previously-created lessons.

Besides Presenter files, it is even possible to open SMART, IWB and Office files.

Changes have been made both at the back end and front end of the software.

What’s new?
We have brushed up the design. In doing so, we have critically reviewed certain layouts. For instance, images, sounds and tools have been combined into one media library. Also new in the media library: 3D models!

You might notice an additional change in some tools. These have had an educational update. This means that they have been refined to more accurately capture the objective of that tool. For instance, you can now choose to cover or uncover the numerator and the denominator in the fraction circle tool. This also adds an extra exercise. There are also completely new tools, such as a name chooser, number chooser (this is a variation on the letter chooser), group maker and new topo tools.

In addition, the possibility to collaborate is now available in Presenter. You can now work together in the same presentation with multiple people. Changes are directly visible and are saved automatically. This way you always work in the most recent version of the presentation.

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