All Wells with the e-DART IT system

Sponsored: Wells Park School for SEN pupils has achieved an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating with help from e-DART IT system

Ofsted inspectors logged into the e-DART system designed and installed by Bitnet Solutions as part of their February inspection. They were fascinated to understand how information flows could be logged and monitored in real time, in how care and teaching data is separately identified and remarked that they hadn’t seen an IT system with this capability before. This information allows staff to improve pupil behaviour by identifying and pinpointing patterns. Inspectors praised the intuitive nature of the data entry, making it easy for staff to use.

“Pulling all the pieces of information together allows us to successfully identify patterns of behaviour, for example difficulties on Monday and Friday morning, and take more immediate and effective action with pupils,” said Carol Mitchell, Strategic Director at Wells Park

“The beauty of e-Dart is that it’s a modular system which makes it affordable yet can easily be set up to provide a bespoke IT solution.”

“E-DART works in real time to provide care and teaching staff with precise and immediate information about individuals. Over time the school has stopped firefighting and, by analysing the data, we identify and understand potential ‘hotspots’ and change the way the school operates. Previously it was an extremely time-consuming process to collate and analyse data from several sources, including paper-based reports. We now have detailed evidence for external bodies such as Exclusion Panels, so we never get questioned about our supporting data.”

Ashraf Kala, Director at BitNet Solutions commented: “The beauty of e-Dart is that it’s a modular system which makes it affordable yet can easily be set up to provide a bespoke IT solution for an individual school. SEN schools share particular challenges, in that the amount of sensitive data they hold is greater than for mainstream schools, but this system is also ideal for schools with pupils across the SEN spectrum.”

Because Wells Park School uses Microsoft Office 365 and cloud data storage it’s straightforward for the school to meet the new GDPR compliance regulations about data protection and privacy. For example, Governors can quickly see anonymous reports that protect personal data but give details of every pupils’ attainment and behaviour. 

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