Are your firewalls ready to take on the Script Kiddies?

There’s a load of new kids on the block; ones we must be ready to take on

The Script Kiddies. The kids who Google “How to DDoS my school,” and they’re wreaking havoc with school networks. The insatiable appetite for films and online games about network attacks means a huge increase in awareness of how to inflict large-scale damage. With DDoS attack tools as readily available online as sweets in a sweet shop, this is precisely why Schools Broadband continues to invest heavily in the security systems they provide their customers.

Until now, the industry-leading Forti net firewalls they used have been sufficient to protect customers; DDoS attacks didn’t affect large-scale networks. However, increased bandwidths now give the capacity to strike attacks as much as 50 times bigger than most school broadband lines.

The growth in severity of DDoS attacks has meant adding a level of dedicated DDoS protection to our enterprise level firewalls. This extra layer of protection scrubs and removes malicious traffic from the main traffic stream. In fact, it recently deflected a 25Gbps DNS reflection DDoS. In the past this would have massively affected customer connectivity and a manual process could have taken up to 40 minutes to detect it. Now it is automatic and typically takes a couple of seconds to detect and scrub the malicious traffic.

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This article was updated on 09/07/19