Augmented Reality inspires kindergarten writing skills

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Pioneering immersive technology for kindergarten, the new Narrator AR app uses augmented reality to animate handwritten letters off the page. It encourages children at this vital stage of early childhood education to engage the essential fine motor and cognitive skills associated with handwriting. 

With simple and intuitive controls, children choose a rocket or unicorn character to trace the letters they have written. The letters appear in augmented reality as a layer of almost magic rocket dust or rainbows over child’s original work. 

To enable the augmented reality, teachers and parents first need to create and print free templates from the Narrator AR website. The code on each template references the augmented digital word which is activated when children use the app. 

This app has high replay value and will follow children through progressive stages of writing letters, their name and words. 

An important philosophy for the creators of Narrator AR is that technology needs to deliver real learning benefits; not be technology for technology’s sake. This tool intentionally leverages the unique experiential qualities of augmented reality to encourage children to pick up a pen and practise the necessary skill of handwriting. 

Developed in conjunction with children, the app is seeing new young users thoroughly enjoy the ease of use, the lifelike animations, and the enchanting sound effects which the app provides. 

Play encourages a positive approach to learning. It is also more inclusive for those children who are not yet ready for formal education. It inspires curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm. It promotes ideas generation and collaboration. 

Augmented reality visualises concepts in a way that is simple for a kindergarten audience to understand. Play can be nonsensical and transformative. Augmented reality embodies and delivers this experience. It is intrinsically motivating and an ideal fit with young users. 

Offline, free of ads and in-app purchases, this app is worry-free. 

While still new to the market, Narrator AR is enjoying a positive reaction from an audience that spans the UK, US, Australia, Middle East and Brazil. 

Fun is an important factor in early childhood education. For children to learn effectively they also need to believe in their own ability. Narrator AR is not only great fun but, with respect to handwriting, it brings this self-belief to life. 

Enjoy Narrator AR now available on the App Store or Google Play.

Create your writing templates at and follow this exciting brand story on social media @narratorAR.

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