Boosting the student experience through lecture capture

Using lecture recording and video to enhance the international student experience

The internationalisation of higher education has become a topic of increasing interest for senior management teams at universities around the world. Whether it’s through cross-border research projects, student exchange programs, or widening transnational education initiatives, higher education institutions arguably have a more global outlook than ever before.

Recent news from the US highlighted the growth of international students at US colleges studying STEM subjects, with new research from Pew released in June showing that over half of advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at US institutions in the 2012/2013 academic year were awarded to overseas students. In the UK, international student recruitment has been in the headlines recently too, following announcements that have outlined the country’s ambition to increase education exports two-thirds by 2020. Jo Johnson, the UK’s Minister for Universities and Science, talked about the three streams that would drive these increases – international students coming to study in the UK, UK universities with overseas campuses, and ‘technology-enabled exports’. 

At modern academic institutions, technology is used on a daily basis to enhance the international student experience. And whether it be for overseas students who physically come and study on-campus, or for those who study remotely, video is a particularly powerful medium which institutions can use to address some of the specific challenges international students face.

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