Choosing effective AV…

…and avoiding the white elephants! Reflex Limited explores the importance of audio visual technology in education today

AV can be found in classrooms, lecture theatres, corridors, cafeteria – in fact anywhere there is a need to communicate effectively. You’d be hard pressed to find a Higher Education establishment that doesn’t have some AV installed somewhere in its campus. AV helps students to learn, information to be cascaded, employees to be kept informed. It also helps create new learning opportunities. With the right AV, students can dial into lectures from anywhere in the world, access resources from home or collaborate on projects more effectively.

AV challenges

AV offerings change rapidly in response to developments in educational practices.   With secondary schools embracing interactive learning, group study and collaboration, those now entering University are not only familiar with, but expect to have access to this type of environment. This is a move away from the traditional AV installation of a simple projector and screen. Universities have to work hard to catch up and create such learning spaces as a minimum.

If you are a University manager with responsibility for AV, it can be difficult to know whether new technologies will benefit you and how you build on any existing investment.   There will be many classrooms with old lecture recording systems sold as the latest fad, that are gathering dust because no-one understands how to use them.

There are some common concerns we hear from Universities when talking about their AV – do any of them sound familiar?

  • How do I turn it on?
  • I’m nervous about using technology in front of students
  • We waste valuable teaching time trying to sort out the AV
  • There are so many remotes it is confusing
  • I can’t connect my laptop
  • The image is too small

With the right system you can avoid all of these frustrations. Modern AV simplifies classrooms and makes it easy for all users to operate without the need for complex training. Video conferencing is now simpler and faster. Gone are the days of a dedicated suite and technician on hand. Get it right and the AV you use will bring real learning benefits, create a great impression to students and visitors and give your staff complete confidence when using it.

Great sources of AV information

Before making a major investment in technology it pays to do your research. Here are some ways to find out more: 

  • Integrator events such as Reflex’s Technology day, where complete solutions will be presented and where you will be able to get specific advice
  • Large trade events such as ISE (integrated Systems Europe) where each manufacturer will be showing their own products, often launching new ranges
  • Subscribing to relevant newsletters and follow relevant people on Twitter
  • Audio visual trade magazines such as AV Magazine, Installation and InAvate
  • Consultation with a trusted integrator

Why attend a technology event?

Well organised events save you time, by allowing you to research all aspects of a project under one roof. An opportunity to discuss with manufacturers the respective advantages of their products can help to clarify your thoughts. And it’s so much more effective to see everything together rather than arrange individual demonstrations, weeks apart.

Events are also a great place to ask questions. You can’t beat engaging directly with product and technical specialists. Whether for a specific query or general advice, how much more productive is a face-to-face chat than an email exchange or even a phone call?

Latest technologies

The Reflex Technology Days always feature some of the very latest technologies and this year is no different. For example, with Microsoft claiming market leadership status for Lync, we’ll explore what a true end-to-end solution looks like.

Wireless technologies have exploded recently and are integral to many of today’s technologies. You’ll learn about some of the wireless connectivity tools available, with advice on how to choose the right one for you.

Another big area is the Cloud – what is it and what are the benefits of Cloud based systems? You’ll find all the answers at the Technology Day.

Improve your knowledge

Reflex events always have educational aspects. You’ll be able to attend a range of seminars as well as experience our Five Minutes of Fame main stage where experts share bite-sized nuggets of information in an easy to understand format.

So in summary, AV does not have to be complicated. It’s already part of everyday education and the future can only see more Universities embracing it. Visit our Technology Day and we can show you the benefits AV brings. You will save time, expand your knowledge, quiz the experts and return to your workplace excited at the possibilities. We look forward to seeing you.

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