CPDUK: The Future of Learning

Sponsored: The right training can help improve a person’s employability, as well as increase productivity and profits within the workplace

Continuing Professional Development (CPD), has become crucial in today’s workplace. Enabling individuals and employees to build up their knowledge and skills, the right training can help improve a person’s employability, as well as increase productivity and profits within the workplace.

There are many CPD providers to choose from, but few match the experience and quality of The CPD Certification Service. Here, you’ll discover why The CPD Service is the leading provider of CPD accreditation and certification services.

Who are CPDUK?

The CPD Service (CPDUK) was established in 1996. It provides the highest quality and service for CPD certification across all industry sectors. Over the past 20+ years the organisation has formally accredited tens of thousands of events, CPD training courses, workshops, e-learning programmes and seminars.

Because of their experience and scope of organisations they work with The CPD Service are the most recognised CPD accreditation provider in the UK. All submissions are assessed and accredited using a structured checklist that the company has developed over the 20+-year period. They also keep up with the latest technological developments to ensure their services are totally up to date.

When asked about the future aspirations for CPDUK and how they are incorporating technology into its organisational strategy, Head of Marketing, Adam Thwaites, said: 

“CPDUK started its journey 20+ years ago with the aim of becoming the benchmark for independent CPD accreditation working across all industries. Our initial aim was solely to evaluate learning to the highest standards, however the last 5 years of technological advancement has only furthered our objectives in serving the learning community. 

“We have been able to help more and more training providers develop their traditional classroom-style workshops and training courses into bite-size, ‘modularised’ eLearning content that can be delivered to larger audiences in more remote locations with a higher consistency that has not been possible before. This is key in ensuring high-value knowledge can be shared quickly and easily across industries for the good of all ultimately. In our own internal business model, we look to invest more in technology every year as we try to facilitate the easiest learning experience between provider and learner.” 

What is CPD?

So, what is CPD? Well, it stands for Continuous Professional Development. It’s a commitment individuals and employees make to furthering their career-related skills and knowledge. It can take the form of training events, learning courses and seminars to name just a few.

As well as benefiting the learners themselves, CPD also benefits businesses. The more skilled and knowledgeable your workers are, the better job they’ll do. In fact, high-quality CPD learning can even help to significantly boost your bottom line.

The way in which CPD is being delivered has changed a lot in recent years. Now, there’s a greater focus on AI and self-directed learning. We asked Adam Thwaites how this will benefit learners:

What is CPD’s stance on AI and self-directed learning – do you believe AI can benefit those undertaking CPD?

 “It is abundantly clear the effect technology has had on our everyday lives and industries; now fully entwined in the way we interact and communicate with one another, providing the ability to share ever-increasing high-quality data immediately. CPD has fully embraced the phenomenal benefits technology as brought to learning, and we sit eagerly excited to observe, that as the technology industry itself advances and redefines its own capabilities, here enters the world of AI and the potential it brings to knowledge sharing.”

 What is CPD accreditation?

CPD accreditation is designed for both employers offering CPD training, as well as for independent trainers. It is awarded to those who have the highest standard CPD learning materials.

 When you become a CPD accredited provider, it shows learners that you’re training meets industry recognised benchmarks, it is reliable and authentic. This can make all of the difference when deciding whether to choose your training or one of your competitors.

The future of CPD

Traditional CPD methods were often considered too long, expensive at times and has the concern of being perceived unnecessary to employers. However, as the industry changes new tools are continuously developed to improve the learning sectors reach. Now, learners can choose to undergo CPD training online or offline, giving fantastic flexibility.

New learning methods, an increase in mobile use, better engagement and personalisation are all to be expected in the future of CPD.

The future of learning

The way in which we learn is continually evolving. The introduction of the Internet paved the way for e-courses and distance-based learning. We asked Adam Thwaites his views on the future of learning in terms of CPD. Here’s what he had to say:  

 Q) What are CPDUK’s opinions on the future of learning and technology from those who are training others in CPD?  

 A) “It would be a surprising turn of events to see technology now diminish its position, and so to not embrace technology in the training and educational events you provide would be to not serve your audience to the best available. As technology becomes more affordable, accessible and usable there should be no reason to fear it but simply embrace it in the most positive way the potential has for learning.” 

So, as technology continues to improve, AI and self-driven learning is sure to become even more ingrained into CPD. Trainers and employers looking to benefit from offering CPD materials, should ensure they certify them through a professional, recognised and reliable accreditation provider like The CPD Certification Service. 

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