Crestron solutions are saving resources in higher education

Matthew Silverman, director of market intelligence at Crestron, explains how Crestron can save resources in higher education institutes

It’s easy to get distracted by the limitless possibilities when designing AV solutions for higher education. But cost of ownership, flexibility, scalability and ease of use are just as important.

When designing a solution for higher education institutions, it’s tempting to focus solely on the opportunities that the AV system offers for interactive teaching activities. Progressive teaching through active learning; instant feedback; distance education; visualisation, interaction and analysis of data, etc. The possibilities are endless, and exploring the limits makes it exciting to design, especially since those limits are constantly pushed.

The market for audiovisual solutions in higher education institutions has shown a massive growth over the past years, and that growth is only going to accelerate. Higher education institutions have to keep on top of things, as the devices on the market increasingly satisfy the expectations of students with regards to learning/teaching methods. Just look at Crestron DM NVX, for instance. Thanks to the most recent updates, DM NVX provides stunning 4K quality for engineering and architecture applications, flexibility for sharing student worktables in active learning spaces and supporting emerging programming, such as esports, as they are integrated into campus. This makes it a very useful, popular tool for higher education institutions worldwide.



The ever-changing opportunities and expectations have encouraged campus technology managers to strive for flexibility, allowing them to meet the needs for new devices and methods as technology evolves – especially since the use of AV technology expands beyond the classroom to the ‘easier’ rooms such as meeting spaces, offices and huddle rooms.

So, when looking for a solution, it makes sense to focus on flexibility, ease of use and scalability. Why should you come up with a completely different solution for the classroom than for meeting spaces? They will be used and managed by the same people so management, deployment and user experience should be similar overall, saving schools from having to figure out how certain devices work time and time again. Tracking the cost of ownership is also paramount to all education institutions. After all, who doesn’t want to save time and money?

Specifically designed to help with that is XiO Cloud. XiO Cloud is Crestron’s unifying cloud-based platform for remotely provisioning, monitoring and managing Crestron devices. All connected products can be monitored and managed from the cloud, with each product providing constant feedback, alerting the AV/IT team to any technical issues that arise, even before the rest of the faculty notices them, whilst any changes (names, rooms, etc.) or updates (firmware, security) can be scheduled remotely, individually and collectively. This enables campus technology managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices in the amount of time it would normally take to manage just one. This means IT leaders can focus on what really matters: bringing added value.

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