Discover how AV technology in education engages Gen Z

Meet the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 from Carillion

Generation Z grew up using technology and is accustomed to commenting on and sharing content. Find out how the Surface Hub 2 brings learning alive for today’s students, and how Hub-as-a-Service makes the latest edtech collaborative technology affordable for all.

Meet the Surface Hub 2

Surface Hub 2 is an all-in-one digital whiteboard, meetings platform, presentation device and collaborative computing solution using Windows 10. The 50.5” super slim, interactive 4K touch screen comes with a mobile stand, a 4K moveable camera and an interactive pen.

Generation Z engages with familiar technology

The Surface Hub 2 provides a way for educators to put into practice progressive thinking and best practice surrounding knowledge transfer and acquisition, by providing a dynamic, flexible and more immersive environment. As we learn more about the behaviour, habits and interests of Generation Z (also known as the iGeneration or Post-millennials), it is apparent that the Surface Hub 2 corresponds to the technology with which most of today’s students have been familiar all their lives.

The average Gen Z-er received their first mobile phone at about the age of 10. Many of them grew up playing with their parents’ mobile phones or tablets. They have grown up in a hyper-connected world and the smartphone is their preferred method of communication. On average, they spend three hours a day on their mobile device. Students embrace content delivery mechanisms in education that reflect their ‘natural’ outlets, which support commenting, sharing, saving and promotion. Educators can tap into students’ interests by phasing presentations, and by inviting inclusion and positive dialogue.

Students embrace content delivery mechanisms in education that reflect their ‘natural’ outlets, which support commenting, sharing, saving and promotion.

Imagine teaching anywhere and anyway

With Surface Hub 2 your learning spaces can be wherever you want – in the science lab, language rooms, group meeting areas or even outside. You can create highly effective learning spaces across your school, college or university and provide better support for higher-value learning and smarter digital communications for your students, to increase the effectiveness of your curriculum

Today’s classrooms are evolving to keep pace with students who look to share ideas in new and exciting ways. Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is an incredible creative platform for sharing ideas and engaging with students. Educators can reshape the way they teach and the way students learn by combining video conferencing and collaboration functions with the Hub’s digital whiteboard and presentation capabilities – all in one mobile solution.

Collaboration technology helps expand access to education, enabling schools to reach more students

Using video, online instruction is as effective as face-to-face tuition, or even more so because of the efficiency of a virtual world. Teachers have more time and more flexibility in the way they can coach students, such as the ability to give extra help to students who need it, with feedback sessions via video or chat. In short, digital platforms mean teachers can be very agile. Collaborative edtech helps:

  • To reach students with personal interaction, regardless of device or location,
  • To tailor study courses to individuals,
  • To increase engagement with online tools to access content and collaborate with classmates and teachers,
  • To rebuild the traditional classroom, by creating virtual breakout groups.

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