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Sponsored: Ednology offers an impactful solution to the technology requirements of schools, colleges and universities, writes Simon Fry

Whilst there has never been more technology available, in many cases budgets have never been tighter. Ednova is an organisation at the forefront of innovation in education, developing pragmatic solutions to the many challenges faced. 

Ednology, Ednova’s technology-focused arm, provides the tools education institutions need to discover and use the best education technology, ensuring they get the very best value, guidance and support.

For students, working with tools from Ednology improves their engagement and equips them with the skills needed to excel in the workplace, whenever they arrive there, in whatever position awaits them. 

Ednova CEO and Founder Tom Martin and his experienced team built in response to schools’ technology challenges, namely the plethora of choice and lack of time, resources and funding.

Ednology is ‘the definitive destination for technology in education’. Tom said: “There are four pillars to what we do; our team of expert teachers and technologists are scouring the globe to bring the most impactful education technology products, people, partners and projects together in one place. Research-informed, carefully curated and easy-to-navigate, educators now have a world of innovation and possibilities at their fingertips.”

After a year of successful pilot projects, the timely Ednology launch concentrates on addressing current issues, such as preparing pupils for their future careers. In an interview in August, Mark Cahill, MD of ManpowerGroup in the UK told CNBC: “Sixty-five per cent of the jobs the next generation of workers will be doing don’t exist today.” The Telegraph has also reported on the UK’s current acute STEM skills shortage.

This raises the question, how can educators best prepare their students for the current and unknown future workplace? Ednology’s solution is to develop students’ 21st-century skills of critical and computational thinking and creative problem-solving. “As more manual jobs are replaced by robots, human creativity will become more important than ever,” said Tom. 

“Our partners are at the forefront of technological advances and their products go a long way to address these issues.”

STEAM School brings STEM role models directly into the class via weekly webinars and Century Tech is a learning platform harnessing artificial intelligence, big data and neuroscience to provide personalised learning and reduce teacher workload, which improves outcomes, particularly in key areas like Maths and Science. 

From the age of five, kits from SAM Labs are great at developing student creativity by enabling them to build and code their own inventions.

Building on that foundation, Fable from Shape Robotics is a scaled-down version of an industrial robot, which older students can program to do almost anything, preparing them for jobs that will undoubtedly involve some robotics interactions.

Ednology is also addressing the shortage of females pursuing STEM careers. Schools worldwide have told us most robotics and tech toys are geared toward boys, but the Sphero’s SPRK+ is gender-neutral and can be personalised. Girls love its activities and lessons such as Chariot Challenge and Light Painting.

The Ednology team is critically aware of the funding issues facing many UK schools. With the knowledge, experience and expertise to overcome these challenges, they proactively support initiatives within education, ultimately resulting in better student outcomes.

Working with non-profits, corporations, SMEs and manufacturers, Ednology develops sustainable funding methods including grants, sponsorship and community contributions. Moreover, subscriptions and rentals for equipment allow for spreading the payment and offer flexibility to keep pace in a rapidly changing landscape. 

Reassuringly, “not all education technology is screen-based, with children glued to their devices,” said Tom. “UGears wooden models get children creating an elastic band-powered clock or train, during which they develop creativity, resilience, hands-on skills and concentration through a tactile exercise. We always look to balance children’s education through using technology.”

Ednology’s arrival promises to future-proof technology provision in schools, colleges and universities. While budget restraints provide challenges, Ednology provides solutions. Ednology brings exciting times to the edtech field. ‘Astounding Technology for Outstanding Outcomes’.

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