Dr. Panda launches its first subscription app: Dr Panda Learn and Play

For the first time ever, kids befriend Dr. Panda inside his whimsical home with mini-games, brain teasers, storybooks and videos

Best-selling kids’ app developer, Dr. Panda, launches its first title of the year, with the brand hinting at a new and exciting direction for its apps in Dr. Panda Learn & Play. Now, Dr. Panda and Toto are back, inviting kids into their very own home for an interactive educational journey with a fun-filled mixture of learning and entertainment. In more than 30 different pre-school-friendly activities, kids play along with Dr. Panda learning numbers, letters, phonics, colours and more. With no rules or pre-set objectives, kids are free to dive straight in and begin the fun.

“Dr. Panda Learn & Play will captivate kids’ imaginations!” Says Michele Bertoni, lead game designer of the all-new learning app. “Kids will grow and learn with Dr. Panda creating a unique connection with our fun-loving panda bear. Whether they’re tracing letters, learning to read storybooks with Toto, or singing along with Dr. Panda in Dr. Panda TotoTime, there’s definitely something for everyone.”

Dr. Panda Learn & Play will captivate kids’ imaginations!
– Michele Bertoni, lead game designer

The app marks Dr. Panda’s strategic entry into the subscription market. Dr. Panda CEO Yan Lin comments, “In recent months we’ve observed a global shift in the kids’ app space that increasingly favors a subscription-based model. We believe the subscription model allows us to better support the app over time and build an experience that grows with our players while better adapting to what parents and kids want.” Dr. Panda Learn & Play offers parents the choice of either a monthly or annual subscription. Each subscription offers full access to new games, books, videos and other activities, with fresh content added to the app in regular updates.

Acquired by the leading Chinese K12 education provider TAL Education group in 2018, the global launch of Dr. Panda’s new learning app marks the expansion of TAL’s educational product beyond the Chinese market, delivering its K12 philosophy to app stores worldwide in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, German and Dutch languages.

Dr. Panda Learn & Play is available in the app store HERE, also coming soon to Google Play.