E-safety in numbers

Keeping kids safe while they surf the net is now a team effort, says Education Technology Editor Rebecca Paddick

There’s no doubt that the internet can be a dangerous place for young people.

Children are now using the web inside and outside of the classroom for all sorts of purposes; from socialising with friends to researching homework, so keeping kids safe while using the latest edtech tops the agenda for many schools. But now, more than ever before, promoting e-safety is a team effort between parents and teachers. 

In the current issue of Education Technology, the roundtable discuss and debate the ways in which we can collaborate to create a safer learning environment. During the discussion, Childnet’s Will Garner said that schools provide a hugely important role in helping parents get to grips with their child’s digital lives, and that in order to get parents more engaged with their child’s e-safety, schools could send parents advice and reminders, run a parent session, and even host a drop-in social media advice clinic.

Will stressed that e-safety a challenging area for parents, but the most important thing they can do is have an open dialogue with their children, and that schools can play an important role in “providing the spark to ignite these conversations”.

Read the full roundtable debate in the latest issue of Education Technology.

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