Education Show opens in Birmingham

Rebecca Paddick arrives at the NEC in Birmingham with a plan to head straight to the new edtech area

To help educators get to grips with how to harness technology’s potential, this year’s Education Show will present its innovative new ‘Technology in Education’ feature

Housing a seminar theatre and Demonstration Island, teachers will be able to get ‘hands on’ with the latest edtech.

Later today I’ll be heading to the School Leaders Summit, a free, two-day conference where school leaders will be able to discuss key issues such as using technology to enhance learning.

Here, I’ll also be talking to education professionals such as Denham Kite, head teacher at Victoria Dock Primary School, and Derek Trimmer, headteacher of the largest state school in the country to introduce 1-2-1 iPads.

I’ll also be talking to schools commissioner Frank Green CBE about the academies and free schools programme. 

It will be interesting to find out if Education Show 2014 will be dominated by talks of the impending computing curriculum, as this was a key theme at Bett back in January.  

This year’s event will host more than 350 exhibitors showcasing new and innovative resources and services, so I better get out there and start browsing.

More to come later.


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