Embrace tech resources

Jacquie Stevenson, head of Ntegra Education, says schools should take on board low-cost technology resources wherever possible

1. Have recent curriculum changes made it more difficult for schools to balance budgets?

Teachers have more freedom to choose how they wish to shape the curriculum to meet their pupil’s individual needs. With this freedom comes the opportunity to introduce new technology to facilitate more creative applications of the curriculum. Schools need to be mindful not to react to pressures to purchase technology without linking the benefits to their wider strategy. There are now a lot of free and low-cost technology resources schools can use so it is a case of schools embracing these resources wherever possible and continuously assessing the value they bring.

2. Do current budgets realistically allow schools to provide high-quality tech?

Yes, current budgets do allow schools to provide high-quality tech by making good choices. Schools need ultimately to look at the strategy behind their technology use, choosing the right solution that fits well with their students’ learning and teachers’ own approach to teaching.

3. Do you think all schools now see investing in technology as a priority?

Yes. Schools do now understand there is a need for investment as there are real dependencies on technology, not just as a result of curriculum changes, to give schools a full advantage enabling a full school approach.

4. Are businesses working alongside schools able to offer top-quality services?

IT in schools gives them the opportunity to partner with external businesses, enabling an enterprise quality service that does not necessarily come at an enterprise cost. With the enablement of cloud computing, this can now allow schools to come either within, or under, budget at the same time as embracing up and coming educational learning technology. Our fundamental belief is that high performing schools deserve high performing IT.

5. What three things do schools need to think about when looking for the most cost-effective, high-quality technology?

Schools moving forward need to think about sustainability. It’s not just about the here and now, it’s about the longer term focus on the school’s ICT strategy. Educational impact. Choose something that is positively going to impact as many students and teachers as possible. Keeping it simple. Whatever it is in technology that is needed, it needs to be simple both to embrace and to use to ensure maximum adoption.



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