Empower departments to manage their own access control

Access control solution is essential for all organisations, especially those based over multiple locations, with many buildings

Having an effective and easy to manage access control solution is essential for all organisations, especially those based over multiple locations, with many buildings. Larger organisations tend to be busy environments where not every face is familiar, so it’s not unusual to see someone you don’t recognise walking through your work space – but should they be there?

Think about a large university: This organisation has hundreds of busy staff members needing access to many different areas; some accessible to staff and students, some staff-only, and some highly secure or restricted areas limited to only authorised personnel.

In large, busy organisations (such as a university), it can often be difficult to maintain an access control solution. Requests are made to a central department responsible for administering the system; this team has to set up access for new members of staff, new students, change access for staff who move departments, and most importantly revoke access for staff members or students who have left the organisation, or lost their means of access (card, fob or wristband) – dealing with requests for the whole organisation quickly is an endless challenge to even the most well-resourced team!

What if administration of the access control solution could be delegated to each department and these departments could only administer access within their remit? The answer is SALTO ProAccess SPACE Partitional!

SPACE Partitional can be set up so each ‘partition’ has associated doors, zones of doors, and user access levels. System logins are set up and assigned to one or more of the partitions, giving administrative users the ability to grant or deny access to doors and zones within their remit only. Doors, zones and user access levels in other partitions are not visible to the administrative user.

These Partitions in combination with SALTO’s intuitive web-based software, SPACE, makes delegating administration of your access control solution easy and secure. By empowering departments throughout your organisation to manage their own departmental access control, access requirements will be updated quicker in the event of any staff changes, leading to a more ‘real-time’, secure environment.

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