Genee Registrar – a complete visitor management solution

Security and accountability are imperative in education and corporate environments, and Genee Registrar Visitor Management System provides a simple to use sign-in solution with photo capture, barcode scanning and visitor label printing, allowing visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premise.

Genee Registrar significantly reduces data entry and administration tasks typical of receptions with multiple signing-in books. Stored data, reporting and fire evacuation procedures are supported by Registrar’s features with cloud data available for signing in and out, and fire evacuation.

The new Registrar V2 will now function from a cloud server; all maintenance and updating of the system is automatic, users subscribed to our software update service plan will always have the latest Registrar features and additions. Backups and customisations will also be stored on the cloud. All data is stored in our data centre in Manchester.

A standard Genee Registrar bundle includes 21.5” touchscreen with a high-resolution webcam, thermal label printer, wall or desk mount option. However, there are also bespoke options available at a charge, further details are available upon request.

Key Features & Benefits

Sign visitors and staff in and out

Allow both staff and visitors to sign in and out. The data input will be variable on whether the person is staff or visitor.

Student sign in & out

Allow late arrival students to sign in and out or early leaving students to sign out.

Evacuation mode

Remotely trigger lock-down of registrar units. The cloud app shows individuals registered via Registrar.

Multiple site / Point of entry

Centrally manage multiple Registrar units with one master and multiple slave units.

Remote support

Remote technical assistance is available to internet connected Registrar devices.


Ability to link to school MIS systems including Capita SIMS. Student and staff names can be synchronised from MIS.

How the Genee Registrar can help with GDPR

GDPR states that you can only collect information that is necessary 

Registrar allows you to disable questions you don’t feel necessary for your setting, ensuring you only collect the information that is required.

Establishments must now clearly ask permission to obtain data and explain how it will be used

Registrar encourages you to show a policy page that users accept before signing in, this is customised with your policies and procedures, this will allow you to show you have met this criteria.

Data cannot be stored for longer than is necessary

Registrar allows for the easy removal of visitor data that is over a certain age.

You and your Visitor Management System Vendor will need a Data Protection Officer

Genee has a designated data protection officer who can ensure Genee systems meet GDPR requirements.

Data can be exported to commonly readable formats

GDPR states that institutions must be able to provide data to individuals when requested in a commonly used machine-readable format. Genee Registrar lets you do just that.

A paper signing-in book means visitor’s details are visible by scanning the book

Genee Registrar means only system administrators are able to see visitor details, protecting their data. Even though you may think you aren’t holding personal data, a car registration and company the visitor represents are still valuable private information.

Paper-based systems have duplicate information each time a visitor is present, making it almost impossible to guarantee you have removed all reference to a visitor upon their request

Registrar stores 1 copy of a visitor and uses this for each visit until that record is removed. This means there will only ever be 1 copy of a visitor’s information inside your records.

Contact us on 01902 390878 and quote the reference REGISTRAR01 to find out more information or enquire about the Genee Registrar.

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