How IP video offers next generation learning material

By Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity

Universities have a natural duty to empower students with quality lectures and hands-on projects that will enable them to become experts in their field. However a university is also a business, and in order to continue attracting new students from all walks of life, universities need to ensure that they offer students pioneering teaching techniques and unparalleled learning opportunities.

Technology, and more specifically IP video solutions, can play a central role in enabling innovative teaching methods to emerge. Increasingly, prospective students view technology as an integral part of their learning experience and universities need to be able to cater to the needs of a mobile generation that expects to be able to view content on any device, anywhere and at any time.

A good example of this multiscreen media revolution in the education space is prestigious City University, London. With multiple locations, diverse faculties and its own broadcast studio, the institution wanted to deliver Internet, TV and video – including Sky Sport, international news channels and live feeds from portable cameras – to multiple devices across its campus. By offering access to a large amount of content, City University aims to increase the amount of teaching material and entertainment readily available for students, professors and staff at any time, on any device. 

‘Technology, and more specifically IP video solutions, can play a central role in enabling innovative teaching methods to emerge’

Providing high quality content to a large number of screens might appear costly at first. Traditional infrastructure requirements, especially cabling, can easily expend a university budget, preventing investment in new teaching and learning methods. IP video is different. It sits on the university’s existing IP network providing a cost-effective, robust solution that is easy to install and maintain. What’s more, an IP video system is flexible and scalable, enabling it to fit any size of installation or number of devices. Administrators can also manage and control the system from anywhere on the network 

By leveraging the capabilities of IP video, City University now offers its students an enhanced learning experience by enabling them to watch TV channels across its central London campus, such as business and news channels for politics and business students, while language students can access live foreign news. In addition, IP video has added a new dynamic to City University’s students’ personal study by providing professors with the ability to record their lectures, which students can access at leisure on their own laptops and mobile devices. 

IP video technology also now enables universities to stream important occasions, such as graduation ceremonies, around campus as well as out across the internet to relatives and friends, regardless of their location. 

All these capabilities enable students to develop new skills by taking part in the university broadcast media, and feel at home away from home, safe in the knowledge that they can access the content they want, when they want it, on the device of their choice. Installing an IP video system also allows a university to set itself apart from competitors, making it a very attractive prospect for potential students who want to access news, entertainment and foreign language channels anywhere on campus. 

Read the City University case study: 

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