How can you meet the ‘student experience’ challenge?

Steve Morgan, Co-Founder, Squiz, explores how HE is dealing with the changing customer experience

The higher education sector, like every other, is grappling with changing ‘customer’ experience trends and new technology.

The Digital Natives that now inhabit your campuses and who form your next cohorts look for and expect fundamentally different things from those that have gone before them.

Whilst the digital revolution isn’t anything new, what is is the customer experience one, brought about by the proliferation and increasing sophistication of mobile-first businesses in the wider commercial world. The development of private sector businesses that are 100% mobile and experience-driven has meant that students, (past, present and future) are now demanding polished digital experiences at every stage of interaction, no matter the purpose.

Where the HE sector is immediately affected by this trend, and where it can exploit it, is within student recruitment.

At present, universities and colleges aren’t effectively considering a Millennial students’ needs during the recruitment process, instead taking a traditional approach that largely reflects the internal structures within the institution – promoting courses, not the experiences that they can have on campuses through interactive, digital technologies.

HE institutions at all levels could benefit from re-examining their approach as, by providing these personalised experiences, you’ll begin to develop relationships with prospective students before they even step foot on campus for an open day. This provides a competitive differentiator, meaning you’re likely to be their preferred choice, or that if it comes to clearing, you’ve got a ‘student-first’ approach that will put you ahead of the other institutions.

So how can you achieve this? What’s necessary is a rethink as to the strategies and technologies that universities and colleges are using – forming digital-first, transformative digital strategies.

Taking this approach will have beneficial knock-on effects far beyond this initial phase; as taking a student-first approach will mean that during their degrees and into their careers, a HE institution will be able to effectively maintain relationships and engender support from their ‘customers’ – ensuring that they’re being favourably promoted.

Want to know more? Download ‘Meet the Student Experience Challenge: How to Create Transformative Digital Strategies’ and find out more about the benefits of this approach, Millennials, and how you can get started.

Steve founded Squiz operations in Europe 10+ years ago, following experience of the businesses successful Australian start-up base. He is at the forefront of promoting Squiz’s web services and technology to clients such as: University of Oxford, LexisNexis, Legal & General, V&A Museum and Shelter.


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