HP – Providing Students with Essential Technology

Workstations are an important asset for HP Education customers

HP workstations deliver the performance your school needs to run professional software applications at a price that’s right for an educational budget. Better still, HP workstations are designed to be more reliable and longer lasting than PCs. HP desktop and mobile workstations are built for the demands of a professional world—and educational labs.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) technology is at the heart of today’s high-tech global economy. A robust educational experience in these areas is critical to a student’s success, not only in school, but in their experiences with internships, independent research and science competitions. In top colleges and universities, it’s essential to provide students with the technology they must master in the real world.

Workstations are an important asset for HP Education customers who want to provide a real-world professional technology environment to prepare their students for further education or technology careers such as in the engineering or media and entertainment industries.

HP has a long history: over 30 years of working closely with independent software vendors (ISVs), such as Autodesk and Adobe, to ensure comprehensive testing, tuning and certification of key curricula software on HP’s family of workstations. HP’s family of workstations provide a broad set of professional platforms to meet the specific needs of educators and students.