Inspiring future computer scientists, engineers, inventors

Sponsored: Paessler AG talks about their investment in The National Museum of Computing

When was the last time you saw a teenager without a mobile phone? Research from Dscout shows how attached we have become to these devices, with daily touches averaging around 2,617. That’s about 145 minutes a day spent touching our phones. 

We see technology every day. It is a big part of the present, and with more and more devices moving onto the network, future generations have to be clued up on how technology functions if they are to enter this hi-tech world of work.

The National Museum of Computing is already working to prepare youngsters for this. 

The museum pays tribute to the history of computing, and focuses on innovation and development of future technologies. Their active education programmes aim to raise awareness and inspire future generations of computer scientists, engineers and inventors.

The German network monitoring company Paessler AG recognised this investment in future IT talent and wanted to support it. Their sponsorship helps to provide the museum with equipment for the Bytes Festivals, as well as the opportunity for families with autistic children to visit the museum for free at the Relaxed Openings. 

The Bytes Festivals take place in school holidays and offer bite-sized tasters of things like coding, robotics, augmented reality, and virtual reality. They give children the opportunity to learn about technology in a fun, hands-on environment. 

As well as supporting the education of future generations, PRTG Network Monitor, Paessler’s monitoring software, is being used to monitor environmental changes in the museum. Changes like temperature, light and humidity can deteriorate a museum’s artefacts, which is why close monitoring of these factors is essential to preserve them. 

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