Instructor uses Möbius to enhance learning

Sponsored: Instructor uses Möbius to enhance learning for first-year engineering students at the University of Birmingham

“With Möbius it has been possible to demonstrate innovation in teaching… – we’re not limited by the technology. We’re only limited by imagination.”

Dr. Tim Jackson, Senior Lecturer, School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Birmingham


Dr. Tim Jackson wanted a tool to simplify a first-year engineering course for incoming students. He needed a solution to effectively teach a large number of students, especially those who have not previously studied the subject matter in-depth.


Jackson selected Möbius, the online courseware environment from Maplesoft, to help his students bridge the gap between high school and university course material, helping them develop a better understanding of core concepts. Möbius also allowed Jackson to connect the theoretical and laboratory components of the course by providing customised background materials and pre-lab quizzes for students to review and complete on their own time.


Jackson found that nearly 100% of students were completing the preparatory work, leading to a strong level of competence during lab work compared to previous years. Möbius has also allowed Jackson to better allocate his time, interacting more with students face-to-face. Jackson hopes to expand the use of Möbius in his courses and at the University of Birmingham as a whole.

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