ISDN Cessation and the cost benefits for schools

VoIP and SIP phones are cost-saving options for thrifty schools, says David Tindall, CEO of Schools Broadband

Whilst BT’s withdrawal of ISDN lines will take place from 2020 to 2023, it’s worth knowing the significant savings that can be made by switching to VoIP or SIP phone services.

On average, VoIP and SIP phone services reduce line rental by 70% and some providers bundle call packages – including all UK landline and mobile calls.

Ian Alexander, IT manager at Delta Multi Academy Trust, says: “Since moving to Schools Broadband’s VoIP phone system over four years ago, the Trust is no longer paying line rental and now have effectively free site-to-site calls.”

In addition, Ian says the VoIP phone features improve the efficiency of their schools’ call handling. For example, the Auto Attendant helps manage and channel callers to the correct member of staff, while the voicemail feature means they can capture all calls for individuals, significantly reducing admin time.

Switching to SIP is straight forward. Your current PBX phone system could already be SIP compatible, in which case SIP providers can configure SIP phone services remotely. 

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