IT leaders choose lamp-free projector technology

The new academic year will see a move towards technologies which increase efficiency, says Casio

Top of university and school agendas for the new academic year is the move towards technologies which increase efficiency, either by the user or the IT team installing it. Casio Projectors recently commissioned an interesting new report, looking at the challenges faced by IT leaders and the technology decisions they are making right now.

Lee Turpitt, Head of Casio Projectors explains: “62% of IT leaders install technology to help deliver a richer learning experience and 77% believe they need to move with the times to keep up with student expectations. Keeping this in mind, the focus is to ensure that technology installed communicates with devices and above all is available for teachers as soon as they are ready to begin the lesson. Our lamp-free technology means that teachers can take advantage of the shorter start-up and shutdown time which means a drastic reduction in the waiting time, with the ability to turn On/Off as fast as 5 seconds. 

“73% say that live lectures still have a place in university learning, meaning this is still the main place to ensure that teachers can deliver an engaging and interactive experience. Engaging the class through presentation is still the centrepiece to the lecture theatres and classrooms.”

Projector Trends

“The research, conducted by Insight Avenue, concluded that of the existing challenges faced by IT leaders in UK higher education today, 41% were spending excess time on projector maintenance, with 51% citing the ‘hassle to replace lamps’ as a problem.  This can go some way to explaining the huge shift within education establishments towards lamp-free projection, offering a low maintenance, fix it and forget it solution for IT Managers.

“Lamp-free technology negates the need to replace expensive projector lamps and IT departments see further savings from the Laser & LED Light source, which enables you to save up to 40% of energy consumption against traditional lamp based projectors. This also ensures that brightness remains consistent with minimal drop off over time, with vivid visuals guaranteed throughout the projector’s 20,000 hour lifetime. Overall this effects the engagement of the class, with a better picture quality for more engaging graphics.’

Ecclesfield School goes green with Casio projectors

Ecclesfield School prides itself on delivering a high quality, visual learning experience to its students, with a continued effort to stay on trend with the latest technology innovations on the market. For the past 8 years, the team have moved the school to completely lamp-free projection technology.  Ecclesfield has nurtured a strong relationship with CBC Computers, working with them on an ongoing project to replace all of the school’s existing lamp-based projectors with Casio’s leading Green Slim Series.

Michael Rodgers, ICT Support Officer, Ecclesfield School comments: “We have chosen Casio projectors for years now, mainly because of the brilliant value for money but also because of the high quality of the product and the incredible support our team are provided with. We started with a trial model which one of our colleagues had acquired as a result of meeting the Casio projectors team at Bett Show. This projector was such a hit with staff that we decided to roll out an entire fleet of Casio Green Slim projectors in 90 of the rooms in our school. Since acquiring a fleet of Casio projectors, we have only had to replace 1 in 20 over the last 3 years, which is a significant improvement on the repair rate of our older models. We were covered with Casio’s fantastic 5 year / 10,000 hour warranty offering complete peace of mind.”

In the past, the team would need to replace an average of 10-15 projectors per annum due to breakages or a drop off in brightness over time.  Through this auditing process, it was decided that they were spending far too much time and money on projector maintenance and set out to find a solution. 

Michael adds: “Up until two years ago, Ecclesfield School was in a BSF contract with the council, where certain technology brands were specified for installation. Once this contract was up for renewal, we specifically asked for Casio and only Casio to be our sole provider.”