IT monitoring in education

IT is the way forward for monitoring and data analysis, says Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler

The constant advancements in technology we witness daily mean IT is quickly gaining ground, and expanding its sphere of influence. Indeed, IT now plays a key role across all sectors, education being chief amongst them. The internet isn’t just where people go to get informed on their potential studies; it is now the route through which students obtain their education, and teachers deliver it. IT is a core part of every syllabus, as lectures are watched online, course materials are downloaded from online platforms and assignments are completed on secured websites. It is now impossible to imagine an educational experience without a computer or an internet connection, which means getting your IT network operating flawlessly is paramount.

There are sector specific challenges IT faces when monitoring education-centric networks. Most notably, there are the multiple sites and locations that make up disparate IT environments from which students attempt to connect across the world, using different machines with varying internet speeds. IT networks now need to instantly adapt to an overabundance of both structural and quality standards as every device and application demands connection, whatever the location.

As virtual learning environments become the new standard, IT personnel face increasing demands on their limited time as every piece of learning material must now be monitored and accessible 24/7. Even more strenuous is meeting budget demands, as keeping a constant watch on core services has a price. This is where an effective network monitoring tool can be useful. For instance, when it comes to the education sector, remote probes can be used to monitor far-off locations. The probes are able to collect and send relevant data to a central console, which in turn processes the information and offers solutions to eventual problems. Implementing a network monitoring software tool eases the strain on both IT employees and their employers who no longer have to demand overtime work or expense travel costs.

Further, an adequate Unified Monitoring tool means you will multiply the information available to you, but simplify the process of analysing it. A network monitoring product will allow you to create a single dashboard displaying an exhaustive overview of even your most complex infrastructures. It also speeds up and facilitates the problem solving process, as an entire team can be kept up to date constantly and automatically.

Investing in an effective network monitoring tool means you are opting for a simple and cost effective solution that is, truth be told, invaluable. With the internet becoming the hub of possibilities that it has become for every sector and area of study, ensuring your IT systems are supported and running smoothly means securing both students’ education and their teachers’ ability to deliver to the best of their ability.

Dirk Paessler is CEO of Paessler, an IT monitoring specialist based in Nuremburg, Germany.

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