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Interactive, productive, engaging: How superior touch displays can help you take your teaching to the next level

Edtech Buyer’s Guide: next-gen hardware

The age of the touchscreen

Since the first encounter with the iPhone in 2007, the world has been hooked on touch displays. Intuitive. Simple. Effective. Very effective in fact. In both professional settings and classrooms, touchscreens result in vibrant collaboration and rewarding engagement. Can you imagine a world without touchscreens? At CTOUCH, they certainly can’t. You see, they are crazy about dynamic, innovative, large-format touch displays, and about offering you the smoothest touchscreen experience (and the software and hardware necessary to achieve that).

They look beyond the now and deliver crafted and future-oriented quality products.

Interactivity, productivity, engagement

The products are designed to boost interactivity, productivity and engagement in classrooms, and they have been doing just that for over 10 years. How do they do it? Devotion for one. They have a large dedicated team of enthusiasts, designers, students, former educationalists and visionaries who are devoted to producing the most incredible experiences on their very own superior large-format touch displays.

The displays are so intuitive and easy to use, they allow teachers to focus on what they do best: teach.

Touch displays are unashamedly their passion. And that passion can be seen in every aspect of the screens. They are about you. About removing the barriers between technology and teaching. The displays are so intuitive and easy to use, they allow teachers to focus on what they do best: teach.

So, they don’t manufacture audio devices, or program educational software packages. Instead they partner with the manufacturers who are the best in their field, which help them become the best in theirs. Partners such as Harman, who worked with CTOUCH to deliver blistering 2 x 40W JBL speakers in every one of the screens… as standard.

ctouch laser nova


Or software such as Oktopus from Quizdom which ships with the screens free of charge in a unique (exclusive to CTOUCH) bundle. Or digital signage software designed for schools by TrilbyTV; also shipped free of charge with CTOUCH screens allowing schools to show and manage content seamlessly across their estate.

By partnering with such companies, CTOUCH can provide the very best solutions to ensure schools have future-proofed technology that works. And they are so confident in their products that they offer a unique seven-year warranty for all schools with their purchase.

CTOUCH screens will give you the flexibility you need. In software. In platforms. In operating systems.

With CTOUCH, your students will not be learning to work with a system that may no longer exist in 10 years.

You get to decide what works for you.

After all, you know best what your students need. One thing is certain; with CTOUCH, your students will not be learning to work with a system that may no longer exist in 10 years. They will learn the technical skills required to master any program – now and in the future.

CTOUCH in education

CTOUCH has a clear path in mind for education and 21st-century skills: no boring classes but fun and interactive learning experiences. A piece of cake with the exciting touchscreens. They understand the importance of learning 21st-century skills at school like creative thinking, collaboration and solid ICT skills. What 21st-century kid can thrive without mastering these and other crucial skills? That’s why CTOUCH are committed to bringing fast-paced touchscreen innovations. Tailored to meet tomorrow’s needs and aimed at creating tomorrow’s leaders. 

So, they invite you to try the Laser Nova and Laser Sky touchscreens. Make your lessons even more interactive and bring the connected classroom to life. Easily pair tablets, smartphones and laptops with the touchscreen. Even tell your students to bring their own device and let them share their content. The possibilities are endless.

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